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These pages are primarily created for my own purpose but I will attempt to keep them updated as often as I can. If you think you have something to add, comment or just say, feel free to contact the webmaster. In the meantime, enjoy yourself!


Something more about me and my family here.
If you want to see the old version of my homepages, created around 1995, please go here.
Some miscellaneous building projects and pictures are here.
If you're interested in computers, see here.

Current stuff:

I'm a HW engineer and freelance photographer. Current hobbies include photograpy, badminton, tennis, computers and different kinds of electronics projects.

Note: Wedding pictures from Thailand 9-10.4.2004! HERE

I've taken an interest in aviation photography, I've uploaded some of my shots to my aviation pages here:

If you want to view other photos I've taken, take a look at the photo gallery page.

Today's links:

Great Mitsubishi videos 1 and 2 and MINI 50th Anniversary!
DVD Plaza Plasma forum
Muropaketti HW site
My pictures on
My pictures on
Finnish Aviation pages, FS Nordic
Matkapuhelininfo SE forum
Drunken Old Farts Online gaming group

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