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AMS Amsterdam Schiphol, Netherlands 2010

RIX Riga - International (Skulte), Latvia 2006

ARN Stockholm - Arlanda, Sweden 2006

FRA Frankfurt, Germany 2006

LIS Lissabon, Portugal 2006

ZRH Zürich - Kloten, Switzerland 2006

ZRH Zürich - Kloten, Switzerland 2007

ZRH Zürich - Kloten, Switzerland 2010

VIE Vienna, Austria 2011

JMK Mykonos, Greece 2011

FAB Farnborough Airshow, UK 2008

DUX Duxford Flying Legends airshow, UK 2008


CMH Port Columbus, Ohio, USA 2005

SXM Curacao & St. Maarten, 2010


BKK Bangkok - Don Muang, Thailand 2005

BKK Bangkok - Don Muang, Thailand 2006

BKK Bangkok - Suvarnabhumi 2007

BKK Bangkok - Suvarnabhumi 2008

BKK Bangkok - Suvarnabhumi 2009

BKK Bangkok - Suvarnabhumi 2012

HKT_BKK Phuket & Don Muang, Thailand 2007

PEK Peking - Capital, China 2005

KIX Osaka - Kansai, Japan 2005

HKGHong Kong Chep Lak Kok, China 2008

SINSingapore Changi, Singapore, 2011


SYD Sydney, Kingsford Smith, 2008


TMP Tampere-Pirkkala, Finland 2005

TMP Tampere-Pirkkala, Finland 2006

TMP Tampere-Pirkkala, Finland 2007

TMP Tampere-Pirkkala, Finland 2008

TMP Tampere-Pirkkala, Finland 2009

TMP Tampere-Pirkkala, Finland 2010

TMP Tampere-Pirkkala, Finland 2011

TMP Tampere-Pirkkala, Finland 2012

TMP Satakunnan Lennosto open days 2011

Hauho Hauho Ski-In and Splash-In events, Finland 2007

Hauho Hauho Splash-in 2008

Hauho Hauho Ski-in 2009

Hauho Hauho Ski-in 2012

Teisko Teisko open day 2009

TIAS2010 Tampere international air show 2001 (TIAS 2010)

JAMI2011 Jämi Fly-In 2011

JAMI2012 Jämi Fly-In 2012

ADEX08 ADEX 2008 excercise in Tampere, May 2008

TMP EU Meeting in Tampere, Sept. 2006

TMP Eromed Meeting in Tampere, Nov. 2006

HEL Helsinki-Vantaa, Finland 2006

HEL Helsinki-Vantaa, Finland 2007

HEL Helsinki-Vantaa, Finland 2008

HEL Helsinki-Vantaa, Finland 2009

HEL Helsinki-Vantaa, Finland 2009 part 2

HEL Helsinki-Vantaa, Finland 2012


Misc Miscellaneous pictures 2005

Misc Miscellaneous pictures 2006

Misc Miscellaneous pictures 2007

Misc Miscellaneous pictures 2008

Misc Miscellaneous pictures 2009

Misc Miscellaneous pictures 2010

Misc Miscellaneous pictures 2011

Scans Old, scanned pictures from the 1970's!

Cabin Cabin interior pictures 2004->

Window Views through windows 2004 ->

Enjoy the pictures, I'm doing this as a hobby only :)

These pages are mostly an image bank for myself, so I have also included some less spectacular shots.

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Canon EOS 1D Mark IV
Canon EOS 40D + BG-E2
Canon EOS 30D
Sigma DC 18-200 f/3.5-6.3 OS
Sigma EX 1.4x APO teleconverter
Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II
Canon EF-S 18-55 IS
Canon EF-S 10-22 f/3.4-4.5 USM
Canon EF 100-400 L IS USM f/4-5.6
Canon EF 24-70 L USM f/2.8
Canon Speedlite 580EX II

Pentax Program A+
Pentax SMC-A 35 f/2.8
Pentax SMC-A 100-210 f/4 Macro
Tamron 2X PK Teleconverter
Set of extension tubes

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