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  Links to the Universe. Enjoy!! (Note: this page is still here for nostalgic reasons, most links are probably already dead :-(

Home pages of my pals: 

E-mail search list
My ICQ Network homepage
Jussi Kujanpää
Tuomas Eerola
Klaus Sirén
Patrik Forsman
Niklas Rosenberg
Carl-Gustaf Wennström
Jyri Hänninen
Ossi Laitinen
Antti Kiviniemi
Jussi Mikkonen
Juha Latvala
Martti Jakobsson
Marko Bonden
Patrik Eriksson
Svenska Samskolan (unofficial)
Svenska Samskolan

Misc sites: 

Tampere University of Technology This is where I study!
SonyEricsson's p800, a great phone
SETI@Home SETI-project, participate in the search with your own computer!
Weather Service Daily weather reports
Muropaketti Finnish HW-site Aircraft photo database Aviation-oriented (Finnish) site
Movie trailers Excellent site, many movie clips!
Iltalehti Finnish online magazine
TerraServer Satellite images from all over the world
MPEG-4 Trailers, codec. High quality!
IRC gallery of IRCnet and QuakeNet users
Skilta Guild of Electric Engineering
Revell-Monogram Manufacturer of plastic model kits
TAMPPI Finnish humor magazine
Audio & Video FAQ Everything you need to know about electronics/audio/video!

Thailand, the #1 place to be:

Thaiklupi Finnish thai-club
Koh Lanta Lanta island, a great place
Phuket Magazine
Phuket Insider
Phuket Gazette
Bangkok Post

Online Games & Servers: 

Gameplanet Finnish game-related site
Wolfie Tribe -=[IFS]=-:s StarSiege:Tribes ETL server
Skula Clan [TNT]:s gameserver
[dof] Drunken Old Farts clan
Ji Justified Insanity clan
MnO Midnight Order, the no.1 European Tribes clan
CLQ The Championship League for Quake
Tribes 1&2 CTF Ladder
Tribes1 site
ETL2000 European Tribes League 2
Planet StarSiege Scripting & other useful stuff
OGA The Online Gamer's Association
Shooting Stars Lots of player and clan bios and misc. files
Tribesplayers - ETL European Tribes League StarSiege:Tribes-oriented site, lots of useful information
Webleague Tribes 1 ladder

Companies, online stores: Free desktop themes and utilities
Tampereen Konttorikulma Computer store in Tampere Online music store
DVD Boxoffice The place to buy your DVD:s from!
Mazda Mazda cars (Inchape Motors)
BASF (EMTEC Magnetics) -the best video tapes on this planet
Kukunor Finnish Sci-fi bookstore
Sci-Fi Bokhandeln Swedish Sci-fi bookstore
IMVS Internet Movie and music store
Canon Powershot digital cameras
Jane's Combat Simulations excellent flight simulators
Pelit Finnish game magazine
Tietokone Finnish computer magazine
Aquador boats auction on the net (Finnish)
3Dfx Interactive 3D-accelerators
Tucows Huge Sofware Archive
Star Wars (unofficial) fan pages
Star Wars Imperial Center
Wing Commander Killer Bee Squadron WC related stuff

Babylon 5: 

B5 Suomessa Babylon 5 in Finland
Official B5 fanclub Watch out for spoilers!
Varjojen Paratiisi Finnish Babylon 5 site
B5 pictures Pictures from every episode
B5 Ships database (Finnish)
Official WB Babylon5 site
Starship Modeler How to build your favorite model starship
E. Larsson's B5 pages
B5 Desktop Themes
Vidiot Intro video clips and mp3:s
B5 fuck-ups what went wrong...
B5-Fast Show Crossovers! Fun!
Pekka Savola's pages containing beautiful wallpapers and clips
Mira Furlan 2 3 4 5 6
Bill Mumy
Patricia Tallman
Claudia Christian 2

Star Trek Stuff: 

FAQs etc. Seems to be offline...
Star Trek WWW The mother of all ST sites
Ex Astris Scientia
Starbase 24
Memory Alpha, Trek WIKI
Samuli Torssonen's Star Wreck Finnish star trek parody!
RBST Really Bad Star Trek, a nice parody!
Brigitte Jellinek's pages Pictures & stuff
M.T.H.P. Database Information
Voygager Finland Links, info about trek in Finland
Desktop Starships Lots of CGI images
Markus Hahndl's pages Movie mp3 music
Multimedia, wallpapers...
ST in sound and vision Lots of pictures and sounds
Lots of pics!
Ultimate Pix Many pictures of ships and people
Pedro's Shiporama The definitive place to find images of starships!
Maximum Defiant U.S.S. Defiant fan site
The Final Frontier Movie and series information
United Federation of Pages
Wavcentral Star Trek wavs (and others)
The Space Movie archive Lots of Movies!
UFP Database Lots of information
Star Trek merchandise If you have extra money to spend...
Holodeck3 Great site with programs,screensavers etc.
Wolf 359 picture database Huge!
Federation Starships Pictures and info about starships
Earl Green's Logbooks Complete episode listings!
O. Siltanen's pages, Trek, B5
Federation Ships
Voyager, DS9, TNG, TOS
Paramount Pictures Official pages
Star Trek Continuum The official Star trek site

Eye relaxation: 
Celebrity inc.
Celebs & models
Anna Kournikova Web site
Celebrities database, airliner pictures archive

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