Sample pictures

All photos taken with a Canon Powershot G5 digital camera. NOTE: Linked pictures are large, 2592x1944 resolution,  ~1MB!

Update 06/2005: This page is no longer updated. All pictures (c) Lasse Kaila

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Orange sky (1/1000, F4)

Clouds and Rain (1/60, F4)

Cuauchtemoc mast (Tall ships race 2003) (1/1250, F4)

Panorama from the archipelago

Näsijärvi lake at night (1s, F3.2)

Funnel of M/S Rosella (1s, F2)

View from Finnair's MD-11 business class

Thai Boeing 777-300 "Thepalai" (1/1000, F4)

EVA Air Boeing 747-400M Combi (1/1000, F4)

Bubu island, paradise beach (1/1250, F4.5)

Sunset near Koh Lanta, Thailand (1/5, F2)

Panorama from Koh Bubu

Tiger temple in Krabi (1/1250, F4.5)

Calm sea at midsummer (1/60, F4)

Moon and stars (1s, F2)

Beautiful sea at night (1/2, F2)

M/S Gabriella in Helsinki (1/1000, F4)

U-boat torpedo room (1/4, F2)

Rivets on the Eiffel tower (1/1000, F4)

Clouds from above (1/50, F4)

The moon creating a bridge of light on the lake (1s, F2)

Fireworks in September (1s, F4)

Autumn leaves (1/80, F4)

Blue1 Saab 2000 at TMP

Escaping the rainy weather below

Nyhavn port in Copenhagen (1s, F2.8)

M/S Silja Opera in Stockholm (1/3, F2)

Cottage somewhere in the woods (1/50, F2.5)

(c) Lasse Kaila 2003-2005